About Me

I call it mid-life Christmas! I get up to all sorts of adventurous things – dancing, rock climbing, scuba diving, fly fishing, motorcycling, mountain biking, trail running – in fact probably too much to really get good at any one thing. But thats not the point – I love the variety. My job as a Corporate Advisor is stimulating and pays the bills. But what really interests me is much more fragile. Art, poetry, the great traditions we call “religion”. How we try to relate to God yet continue killing each other in the name of God. How we try to relate to each other as societies, yet more often than not are instinctively hostile to people that are not similar to us. I live with my fiance and my youngest daughter (she’s 14). My eldest daughter lives with her mum. Probably my greatest personal challenge in life has been dealing with relationships. But then I guess, they are also the greatest source of personal growth? I like to think so.

Twitter account:  @MysticWill

Will and finance at the beach! - Dec10


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