Month: May 2014

Love is a Bitch!

Love is a Bitch!


Cruel Love

Sneaky, uninvited

She appears when least expected

Intent on mischief, beguiling fools

With sweet charm


Quickened hearts pound

Having found

The One

To heal life’s scars

Comfort the empty Soul

With Love’s soothing balm


Oh Wicked Love!

Cruel Deceiver

A mirage to the Soul

She vanishes

Leaving only tears and broken hearts

Where once her warm presence lingered.



October 2011 – Johannesburg


Once Again

On the edge of Light

Divided I stand

 shall I fall? Shall I fight?

To the Breach! To the Breach!

The valor cry!

But none stand with me

Alone, I face my lie

Is this my path?

I rise, only to fall?

Is there not a neither?

Where just being, is the All.

Is this Life not the dream?

Where right and wrong deceive

Is not the True Life just being,

Through which we Truth, in Light, conceive?

I met a woman – a friend of a friend – one night when I was out alone.  It was one of those surreal evenings out when, fueled by relationship fatigue and alchohol, I was pretty much open to meeting someone new. And I did.  As we all do, sooner or later in our lives there will appear the other women (man).

She and I “just clicked”. We already “knew” each other, even though we had just met.  My heart was pounding. My sweaty palms moist against hers.  She even had a simian line on her left palm, just like mine.  The Universe was speaking, or so it seemed*.     That evening felt like eternity, although it ended in a blink. We parted ways and we were both in love.  *Interpreted by Jose Cuervo, apparently.

Except, we were both parting ways to return to our significant others.  I knew then, that this was a defining moment for me – not for what my racing heart was telling me to do – but for what my Soul was telling me not to.  Divided, I would remain standing, integral, whole.  Together with her, I would fall.  We both would.

The next day I chose to stand. But in my heart of hearts I know there must be another way. A way to express love, without harming others whom we love. We love for a reason. We love because love itself is boundless and seeks expression at every opportunity. It arises from the very fabric of consciousness itself.  True Love is a Fountanhead, a Wellspring. The Source of all good things. It cannot, should not, be denied. Yet so many love stories end in pain – either those who love, because they suppress and deny that love, or by the expression of their love, others are hurt. This shouldn’t be. It can’t be. There must be a middle way.

Charlotte’s Passion

Charlotte’s Passion

 Immortal Soul

Descended to Mortal Flesh

Not yet birthed

But in perfection lies

Balanced ‘tween Heaven’s Glory

And earth’s demise.

Innocence untouched, yet needs

Must choose, to Fall

And begin that journey which

Through balanced choice or

Earthly suffering

Returns to Heaven’s Gate

OR to Hell, should we err in our humanity

For we are weak vessels prone to passion’s lure

(A sin not of our own design)

Our Carnal Selves be Damned!

What fool believes in Heaven’s way

If righteousness be the only guide?

Perhaps no fool

But innocence see’s the lie

And Purity, who can deny?

This innocent’s right to choose

Her passage, whether through righteousness’ hand

Or Heaven’s Pardon

Or  to return  to Spirit, Soul unblemished

Unspoiled, yes, unborn!

A perfect One, conceived in vowed love

Nurtured and loved no less though in the Womb

Surely Angel’s delight in such a One

No less a father his cradled newborn

Or mother her swaddling babe.

No! love has not abandoned us

But abounds all the more

A beautiful death of mortal innocence

Whilst immortal Soul ascends

In Love and Truth

Her one true journey

Her Heaven’ed Fate.

April 2014: My nephew Devin and his wife Lala lose their newborn daughter Charlotte at birth.  I was gutted as if she were my own. You were so loved Charlotte, by all those around you.