Sisters Divided

Sisters’ at War

No respite to this sibling hate

A poison buried in childhood fate

friendship fouled with resentment’s shard

love, play, laughter … sharpen its barb

Who is to blame? Their universe shattered

Mother? Father? A childhood battered

by broken vows, hardship,  lies and deceit

locked in struggle for revenge so sweet

Suffer the children. A prize in this war

While death’s cruel shadow stands at the door

Parents’ to blame, their sacred vow lost

the children a blade, to win at all cost

Yet now the years have blossomed their lives

their love twines with hate, their sibling bonds hide

Parents’ hearts’ poison course through their veins

children conceived to grow up in pain

Suffer the children to come unto Me

Forgiveness and healing in your hearts must be

See through your parents’ fools’ hearts’ and pride

turn to each other, set grievance aside

Stand then alongside, your childhood love renew

Resolute your champion, your confidante, your muse

Free your sibling friendship to explore anew

Hold on to your sister, who deep down, is you.

For Peyton and Emer:  There is nothing I or your mom can do to undo the harm we have done. That which has been done is done.  The seeds of self-destruction, planted by mom and dad, begin to blossom.  It is up to you, as young adults, to look inside yourselves, and to each other, to find forgiveness and realize that what mom and dad did to each other, had nothing to do with you, and you need not drag it around with you anymore. January 2012

My daughters, 16 and 19, continuously at each other’s throats, pursue the war their exhausted parents have long lost the will to fight.  The harm we inflict on our children through divorce, often only surface a decade later, when it is too late for regrets.


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