Introduction to Digital Life

So this exercise – joining WordPress – is part of an effort to digitilize my life, the way I live my life – how I plan it, record it, share it – so that others can peer through their virtual windows and see whats on going on in this life.  Naturally it flows from my (very short) list of objectives for 2011 – to digitize, integrate and socialize my life more. Hopefully I can keep it up and it will become a habit, if I can wean myself for long enough off the romance of pen and paper!  Knowing myself I will probably keep writing in notebooks whilst exploring this medium. Nevertheless, the idea that I am writing what others might read satisfies a long held fantasy, namely to be a writer.

I am already a writer of sorts … I have been for most of my career.  Business Plans.  Strategic Plans. Reviews. Reports, and lately of course, dissertations.  But everything I have written up to now is about facts. Trends. Key Issues.  My (humble?) opinion of what the industry issues will be for the next five years Or ten.  But I never write about what really grabs me. Life. Love. Religion. Culture. God. I hope to now. And interact of course, with others who agree or disagree.  I hope disagree! There’s nothing like a good debate!


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