Month: January 2011

Love’s Lesson

So deep our hurt, so painful our tears

When love’s loss and heartbreak enter our years

Torn from our other, no surgeon’s blade cleaved

This bloody, wounded sorrow our Spirit’s bereaved.

Some cast about in anger and shame

A weapon! A dagger! The other’s too blame!

With vengeance and fear, we lash out to harm

But our own hearts we pierce, revenge is no balm.

But wait just a while, this sorrow endure

Learn the lesson, and hope, and others will near

And soon love’s laughter will again touch your soul

And joy on life’s wonders, once more make you whole.

a poem for my dear friend Cindy, after she had her heart broken for the very first time – May2006


Stardust and Light

Stardust and Light

In an ancient time

When the Universe was young

And Life itself was still an infant

We were formed

In the heart of a dying star

The very matter from which we are made

Was born


– ♥ –

Yes, in another time and space, even older

Where time and space do not exist

In the heart of the One

You and I were conceived

An idea. An identity. Eternal.

Each of us unique, with Soul and Purpose

Beings of Light.

– ♥ –

And in the fullness of time

Through this union of Stardust and Light

And something else


You were born. I was born.

Into this body, into this life.

Aspects of God.

– ♥ –

So when that time comes, one day

For our bodies to surrender Soul

and free the Light that shines through all Creation,

Though our bodies return to stardust

You and I shall still remain

Soul and purpose intact

Beings of Love

– ♥ –

For as we journey through time

Over this life, over many lives, together

All things pass away. All things are left behind.

Except each other. Except the One.

How we Live our Lives, how we Love each other and the One.

This is what remains



– ♥ –

Introduction to Digital Life

So this exercise – joining WordPress – is part of an effort to digitilize my life, the way I live my life – how I plan it, record it, share it – so that others can peer through their virtual windows and see whats on going on in this life.  Naturally it flows from my (very short) list of objectives for 2011 – to digitize, integrate and socialize my life more. Hopefully I can keep it up and it will become a habit, if I can wean myself for long enough off the romance of pen and paper!  Knowing myself I will probably keep writing in notebooks whilst exploring this medium. Nevertheless, the idea that I am writing what others might read satisfies a long held fantasy, namely to be a writer.

I am already a writer of sorts … I have been for most of my career.  Business Plans.  Strategic Plans. Reviews. Reports, and lately of course, dissertations.  But everything I have written up to now is about facts. Trends. Key Issues.  My (humble?) opinion of what the industry issues will be for the next five years Or ten.  But I never write about what really grabs me. Life. Love. Religion. Culture. God. I hope to now. And interact of course, with others who agree or disagree.  I hope disagree! There’s nothing like a good debate!